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A NSFW subreddit for reproduction related pornography & discussion. Read it for the articles!

What is not allowed?

  1. Selfie pictures are not allowed outside text posts. Pictures of yourself or your S/O that aren't obviously related to breeding must be accompanied by a paragraph of context (stories, descriptions, or fantasies).

  2. Seeking a breeding partner is not allowed. Please visit /r/ImpregPersonals or /r/DirtyPenPals instead.

  3. Glorifying or condemning a race or gender is not allowed. Interracial content is welcome, but the idea that one group is superior in any way to another is not. Refer to /r/CuckoldPregnancy for such material.

  4. Illegal sexual content is not allowed. Such content includes; subjects under the age of 18, human rape, & voyeurism. This is a Reddit-wide rule. Note this does not include fantasy material.

  5. Being an asshole is not allowed. If you see something, report something.

What is allowed?

  1. Pornography. Videos and pictures from reputable sources, of course. Professional actors, real couples, cartoon characters, it's all good.

  2. Stories & erotica are allowed. Real or fantasy, it doesn't matter. In the case of fantasy material, illegal content suddenly becomes legal. Go nuts.

  3. Discussion and questions are allowed. Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments, most people here are helpful and nice.

  4. Discussion and debate over the rules. The rules are not static, and can be changed depending on the needs of the community. If there is significant push for or against something, I will personally change it. Unless I'm dead.

  5. Being excellent to each other. It's nice.

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