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Everyone needs a 6IV Ditto :)

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About Breeding Dittos!

We are a sub dedicated to giving out free 6IV Dittos! We only send out one per person to ensure we can send out Dittos to as many people as possible!


  1. Your Reddit account must be 14 days old AND you must have positive karma. No exceptions.

  2. You must set your user flair here to your 3DS Friend Code. All requests without a Friend Code will be removed. You must use the desktop version to set your flair.

  3. You must participate and trade on other Pokémon-trading related subreddits prior to requesting a Ditto. You must have at least 3 trades to request a Ditto and all 3 trades must be older than 3 days. No exceptions.

  4. ONLY ONE (1) Ditto per person.

  5. Do not trade these Dittos. They are for your own personal breeding. Attempting to trade them will get you banned.

  6. Please be nice and patient. We are not online 24/7 so it may be a while before a Ditto is sent to you.

  7. You can not request a specific Ditto nationality, only the Nature. You will receive a foreign Ditto for Masuda Method.

  8. Do not delete ANY posts or comments, EVER. You will be banned.

  9. Check the FAQs then message the Mods if you have any questions.

Need an extra Ditto for yourself, family or friends? Subscribe to catch our Giveaways!


Our Dittos

We have 4 natures available:

  • Adamant, Jolly, Modest, or Timid.

These are the different OT and ID you can receive:

> [+] Ditto ID Information OT Pocky, ID 02391 Mixed Non-English OT MystDa / Myst-Da-Zs / Zo / ミスト, ID 32017 ITA / SPA / JPN OT Amber, ID 27047 German OT ズキ, ID 34497 Japanese OT Jenzo777, ID 18249 Japanese OT BreedablePkm, ID 21039 Korean OT Kewe, ID 13873 Korean


If you did not receive one of these Dittos, you were sniped! Leave a comment on your post with the information of the new Pokémon you put on the GTS. Make sure you select Ditto, Level 91-100 on GTS!


How to receive a Ditto

Make sure you select Ditto, Level 91-100 on GTS!

[GTS Deposit Guide] (

Thank you and happy breeding!

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