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Busty Petite

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BustyPetite Rules:


  1. Images containing subjects who are underage, or even appear to maybe be underage, will be removed. This is a reddit rule.

No Spam.

  1. No links with redirects, spam in the content of Imgur posts, or pages riddled with advertising.

Don't post someone else's GW photos

  1. Do not post pictures from active Gonewild users (unless you are the user herself). Posts breaking this rule will be removed.

Follow BustyPetite Guidelines

  1. Photos must make it clear that the girl isn't "thick". Examples of rulebreakers - Example 1, Example 2

No reposts from the top 100

  1. Reposts from the Top 100 of All Time in this sub will be removed. Check it occasionally.

All Official Reddit Rules Apply

  1. Know the official rules of Reddit before you start posting.

Things To Remember

  1. - If you are going to post images of yourself, while harassment is still not tolerated from users, be prepared for criticism. This is a rather specific subreddit.

  2. - BustyPetite is mostly meant to mean a girl with a small frame who has proportionately larger tits in comparison. Don't get too caught up on it. If a post is more fit for /r/curvy expect it to be removed, however.

  3. - Some people will have differing opinions on what is acceptable here. Bustypetite is meant to just mean little girl, big tits. Whether that's short or skinny is hardly argument worthy. Use the vote buttons and voice your opinion civilly in the comments.

  4. - Do not use someone's full name in titles or comments unless they're a paid model.

  5. - Morphs and other heavily photoshopped images are not allowed.

  6. - Low quality images will be removed.

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