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Couch to 5K

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> ##What is /r/C25K? > This is a subreddit for anything related to the Couch to 5k running programs or the like; open to all, noobie to pro.

> ##About C25K > The official plan consists of ever-increasing intervals of running, interspersed with fast walking. It also relies on rest days to allow your body to build strength. The official plan takes 9 weeks in total to get you from absolutely no running ability, to running 5K non-stop. Other similar plans are available that may take a longer or shorter time to complete.

>The C25K Running Plan

> ##FAQ > Please check the FAQ to see if your question has already been answered.

> ##Subreddit Rules > No memes/image macros. There are subreddits for that out there already. > >Be respectful: Constructive criticism is fine – hateful comments are not. Be encouraging and courteous to one another. > >>Selfies are allowed, even encouraged! Give some advice or a background story in your comment section about your selfie. > >>Other photos that are not directly related to your daily run are discouraged. We want to see you and your accomplishments. > >/r/C25k on Strava > > Have fun and get fit!

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