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CBD: The Medical Marijuana and Hemp Cannabidiol community

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some high CBD strains?

Where can I get the Vaporizors and Vape Pens to smoke isolate?

What are some hemp based CBD companies I should avoid?

  • (avoid) Omega Labs

  • avoid Diamond CBD

  • [(avoid) Just Chill] (

  • (avoid) Medical Marijuana Inc.

  • [(avoid) Kannaway] (

Will CBD make me pop positive on a drug test? * Reasons why it might

What is the typical CBD dosage used?

  • Dropper

  • [Project CBD] (

What is the effect of combining THC with CBD?

Where can I find dispensaries that offer high CBD strains in my area?

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Please do not assume that anyone here is a medical professional. Anything you see here in support of CBD is purely anecdotal, as CBD has yet to be regulated by the FDA.

Contamination from metals and pesticides are common. There are currently no companies fully endorsed by the FDA. If you are considering purchasing a CBD product have it tested for yourself if possible.

Vetted companies are listed in chronological order at which then applied for vetting. The links are affiliate links.

FDA Warning about CBD companies

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