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Concealed Carry Weapons

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>The CCW (concealed carry weapons) subreddit is a community about sharing articles, tips, and links about various topics that address CCW.

>###Please read the FAQ

>Useful FAQ links:

> * "Good Holsters" > * Vendor Discounts ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) [What Ammunition Should I Carry?] ( Reciprocity in the USA Laws by State > Official /r/CCW Discord Chat Room

>Disclaimer: Do not take any legal advice from /r/ccw. Legal questions should always be asked to a lawyer outside of reddit for a binding answer. Reddit users can interpret the law, but by no means should you consider those opinions as law.


>Post Flair:

> Permit posts must be labeled "Permits". Use your best guess for other posts.

>User Flair:

>(Carry Weapon) (Carry location/style/holster)

>Example: Shield 9mm IWB

> [How to flair] (

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> Getting Started Guns & Ammo Permits Holsters & Belts Permit Process Other Equipment Legal LE Encounter Training Member DGU Scenario News

>Related Subreddits:

> r/Firearms r/Knives r/EDC (everyday carry) [r/OpenCarry] ( ) [r/DGU] ( ) (Defensive Gun Use articles) r/InternationalDGU * [r/GunHolsterClassifieds] ( (Buy/Sell/Trade Holsters)

>##Rules Content breaking the rules below are at the discretion of the mods to remove.

>1. Content Not Applicable: Any post that does not relate to (a) the carrying of a weapon in a legal manner; or (b) any post that does not relate to self-defense. 1. Spam: (a) Any posting, including self-posts, links, and comments, posted to this subreddit for the primary purpose of getting pagehits for personal blogs, e.g. "clickbait". (b) Posts for the sole purpose of soliciting business for private interests. Bloggers and Sellers view this page to see what you can and cannot do. 1. Harassment: (a) Posting material for the sole purpose of inflaming the users of this subreddit. (b) Personally attacking other users of this subreddit. (c) Posts containing racist or otherwise inflammatory material towards a particular group of people. 1. Illegal Content: Any posts or content that is itself illegal. 1. Link Shorteners: Any comments/posts containing link shorteners (e.g. 1. Vote Brigading: Linking to other posts within reddit requires the prefix of "np." 1. Politics: Any post that is political in nature must be directly related to self-defense. General "gun control" or otherwise political posts are prohibited. 1. Post Descriptions: (a) All link posts must contain a description in the comments. This description must contain, at the very least, 10 words describing the content and how it relates to CCW or self-defense. (b) Permit posts must be flaired with "Permits" and abide by the Permit Formatting Guideline. 1. Firearm Images: Pictures of just a firearm are not allowed. If you're posting a picture of your firearm, it must contain another piece of your carry equipment (holster, belt, etc).

>Reddiquette: Please abide by proper reddiquette.

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