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>###Welcome to /r/CamilleMains

This subreddit is dedicated to the League of Legends Champion, Camille, the Steel Shadow.

Here are some quick links that might help you getting started with the subreddit and also Camille.


>###Discord Server


>###Beginner Build

  • After some time of Camille's release we have a more reliable build now, this still will change in the future.

18/0/12 12/0/18

  • Clicking on the numbers will show you a basic mastery page!


  • If you'd like your guide featured here please send in a modmail!


Reddit user | Rank | Stream Link -|-|-| /u/dvdpark16 | Challenger | WeekndNA

  • If you'd like your stream featured here please send in a modmail!


Region | Name | Tag | Owner ---|----|---|---|----| EUW | Camille Ferros | 2Legs | evo EUW | Camille Mains | CMLLE | Kantrul EUW | Camille Mains™ | CMLLÉ | Grazefury EUW | Camille/Mains | CM/LE | Xu Shu EUNE | Camille | Camil | Viper EUNE | Camille Mains | THICC | Drunken Ronin EUNE | Camille, The Steel Shadow | CMLLÉ |KAM0PL NA | Camille, the Steel Shadow | CMLLE | Brytah NA | Camillionaires | CMLE | Rubbr Dukky NA | Guardians of the Machine | Cami | RinPhyrus TR | Camille Mains | THICC | CamilIe LAN | ThiccLegs Mains | KMLLE | Gauges OCE | Camille The Steel Shadow |LEGS™ | hðnkƒørǪmíllè OCE | Camille Mains™ | CAM™ | Camille TM

  • We aren't going to be featuring more clubs for NA and EUW, once I get word that they are filled we'll add more. However if you aren't from either of those two servers please still message us and we'll feature you.

  • If you post your club as a topic instead of sending a modmail it'll be removed.


  • We encourage you to apply 'reddiquette' when submitting a new post or commenting in an existing one.

  • Keep all topics and submissions relevant to Camille, League of Legends, Riot Games and LoL e-Sports only.

  • Do not spam.

  • Do not ask for personal information.

  • Be sensible and civil in your discussions. We will not tolerate hateful speech or any harmful actions targeted at a certain user or group.

  • Do not promote the use of bug exploits and cheats (includes boosting services, scripting, hacks, or disallowed third-party services).

  • NSFW posts will be taken down at the discretion of the mods. If it isn't flaired as NSFW, it will definitely be taken down.

>###Other Champion Specific Subs

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