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Canadian Plant Swap

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Optional - General Post Guidelines:

1. Include your Location [City, Province]

Note: location is optional but helps with shipping costs/when to ship. If you're in BC and want to ship to Quebec, you may have to ship on Monday in order to get your package to its destination by Friday. Some plants are more delicate and may not survive long shipping times (unless you ship priority = more $$)

2. Note what you have and/or what you want

e.g. [Toronto, ON] [Have] content [Want] content

e.g. [Toronto, ON] [Want] content

In the body you should include what you want (price or other items). Please try to include any images if you are offering plants.

Please try to inspect your plants for any pests. You don't want to cause harm to another member's plants. If you are buying, don't forget to thoroughly inspect the plants you receive and don't put it with your other plants right away in case there are any.

It is a good idea to use online payment services (e.g. Paypal) as they offer some level of protection.

Be cautious

The use of this subreddit indicates that you understand the risks involved with selling, buying, trading physical goods/cash on the internet. This subreddit does not offer any guarantees of the exchanges, and all risk falls with the users. If you have questions, it is best to ask before you post.

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