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Candid Fashion Police - a place to critique fashion - aka Creepshots 2.0 if you believe

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> ##Welcome to CFP! Candid Fashion Police (CFP) is a fashion critique community run by passionate fashionistas. Please read the rules on the sidebar before posting, mmmmkay? Don't make me get on you girl!!!!!

>You may post candid photos of women and judge their fashion choices similar to TLC's what not to wear and E!'s Fashion Police.

>Our subscribers may also post pictures of themselves to receive candid fashion critique.






  • 1) Titles and comments must pertain to fashion. Posts that do not pertain to fashion are usually downvoted, and repeat offenders will be banned from making unfashionable comments.

  • 2) Photoshopped and airbrushed content do not belong here. We also do not allow obnoxiously watermarked images, or images with logos or names.

  • 3) Do not advertise websites, subs, or link to blogspam.

  • 4) Photos and videos taken at high school, locker rooms, or public bathrooms do not belong here. College and university campuses are fine.

  • 5) Subject of fashion critique must not be under 18. Absolutely no sexual content featuring minors.

  • 6) No heterosexual men. We strive to make this a female and queer friendly place to discuss terrible fashion.

  • 7) Do not link to a personal Facebook/Instagram unless they are a public figure/celebrity/model.

  • 8) Downvoted submissions past 0 may be pruned.

  • 9) Please use TinEye and Google Images to make sure you're posting the highest quality copy of your submission.

  • 10) No upskirt photos where the subject is not aware

  • 11) Do not mention the location of where a picture/video was taken.

  • 12) Only images/videos are allowed, no articles/store pages.






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