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Car Audio and Video

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For The Car Audio and Video enthusiast!

Heads, Subs, EQs, etc... Bring it into our show room. Q&A, Advice, Tips, tricks and tech welcome! Please consult our growing sidebar or search the sub before asking any questions.

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/r/BuildaCarAVForMe, a subreddit for helping new enthusiasts get up and running with recommended system buildouts.

r/CarAVclassifieds, a place for our car audio enthusiasts to buy, sell, and trade their gear. Follow this link to view Both r/CarAV and CarAVclassifieds at the same time.

r/CarAVvendors, a subreddit specifically for vendors, reddit promotions, and introductions. Vendors, please use this area to introduce yourselves, submit reddit-related discounts and sales, and occasionally promote new product lines. Please remember to restrict product promotion posts to 10% or less of your total combined self and link posts as per reddit spam guidelines.

CarAV: Recommended Kits & Parts

Need-To-Know info for Beginner setups Find your Speaker Size

CarAV Approved Gear

CarAV: Tips, Tricks, FAQ

Amplification Primer

Subwoofer Primer

Capacitor Primer

Check Polarity of unmarked speaker

Set and Measure an XOver with a DMM

Properly set your gain

Basic Car Audio Electronics

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Our brothers and sisters

/r/CarAVclassifieds CarAV's trading hub

/r/CarAVvendors CarAV vendor info/deals

/r/AVexchange Buy/sell/trade HT/HF gear!

/r/AVrequests Looking for something? Ask!

/r/audiophile Strictly High Fidelity discussion

/r/hometheater For the HomeTheater lovers

/r/headphones General headphone discussion

/r/vintageaudio Classic gear from 50's - 80's

/r/audio General Audio Discussion

/r/avporn Galleries of user setups

/r/vinyl Turntables & Records

/r/soundsystem PA's, Concert Rigs, Road Gear

/r/diyaudio Audio Projects & talk For the DIY'er

/r/audiojerk For wankin' to the beats

/r/caravcirclejerk THE place for BOSS N' PYLE

/r/DesignAnEnclosure For building boxes

/r/DIYsound For more DIY projects


Free SmartPhone Tools and Utilities

FuncGen Signal Generator (Android)

SoundForm Signal Generator (Android)

AudioSigGen (iOS)

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