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Casual trading for casual trainers!

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Trading Rules

You cannot request or offer:

  • Individual Values (IVs)
  • Effort Values (EVs)
  • Hidden Power (HP) Types

For high-value trading, check /r/PokemonTrades.

You may request and offer:

  • Nature
  • Egg/Tutor Moves
  • Poké Ball Variant

Submission Rules

  • Tag your posts to indicate the type of post it is (check available tags)
  • Use LF and FT in the title ("Looking For" and "For Trade")
  • Mark your post as complete (NSFW) when you're done
  • Giveaways must be labeled.
  • Giveaway announcements and reminders should be placed in the weekly Giveaway Thread
  • Clones/Hacks must be labeled!
  • No trades involving real life currency or Steam keys (see /r/PokemonExchange)
  • Info posts should not be used for personal or giveaway information

Subreddit Abbreviations

  • LF - Looking for
  • FT - For trade
  • HA - Hidden ability
  • EM - Egg-move
  • BB - Bank ball
  • SB - Shop ball

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If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or problems, please do not hesitate to message the mods!

> Mods have the right to remove and act on any comment, post, link, etc.

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