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Cat High Five

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>For gifs, images, and videos of cats high-fiving. Low-fives, side-fives, fist-bumps, secret handshakes and pat-a-cakes are also welcome. > > We also allow training guides and questions about training your cat to high five.

> ##Rules: > >All posts must be related to felines and high-fiving.

> All posts must be from Imgur, Gfycat, YouTube, or another approved site listed here. Posts not following this rule will be removed automatically.

>Reposts are welcome, just don't repost anything recent. If it was previously posted less than one month ago, it will be removed.

>If you're posting a gif, and you have the source video, post it in the comments.

>##Training Guides: > > Teach a Cat to High Five [WikiHow]

> How to Teach Your Cat to High Five! [Video]

> Cat High Five Training [Video]

> Clicker Train Your Cat at Home [Video]

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