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/r/AnimalsBeingJerks for Cat Enthusiasts!

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We stand against hate speech

Cats. They'll slap anything.

Subreddit Rules

  1. Image Macros, Images, GIF's .etc are allowed, as long as a cat is slapping in the image.

  2. Recent reposts will be removed at the discretion of the moderators.Excessively posted material will be removed without explanation.

  3. Disrespectful comments, excessive arguing, unsavory attitudes and the like will be removed on sight, everyone should be friendly with one another.

  4. Most importantly, check on your cat, right now, he might be getting wrecked.

  5. We will, occasionally, and only when we feel like it, allow animals of other species to be posted here as long as they are slapping like cats. The mods here are moody and volatile creatures and do what they want.

  6. Content from "Sketchy" or otherwise abusive 'Cat Sanctuaries' will be removed immediately, the /r/CatSlaps mod team doesn't condone these facilities or their handlers.

  7. Political Content of any form, Left, Right, Up, Down wing will be removed, we're a friendly subreddit about cats, not the world happenings.

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