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  • 1. Only content hosted with Imgur, Gyfcat, YouTube, or directly from the official reddit app are allowed.

  • 2. Any content that may have resulted in a cat getting hurt will be removed.

  • 3. Cats tapping things. Slapping is ok as long as some tapping is involved. Visit /r/CatSlaps for full on slaps.

  • 4. NSFW posts are allowed, but MUST be tagged. NSFL material is not allowed.

  • 5. Off topic posts will be removed.

  • 6. Any disrespectful posts and comments will be removed.

  • 7. Reposts are allowed, however, they can only be done after 6 months of the previous post. Frequent reposts may be removed. Crossposts are welcome.

  • 8. Still images are not allowed.

To combat spam, /r/CatTaps requires posters to have at least 5 karma to be able to contribute. If you have any issues with this, please contact the moderators.

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