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CelebFakes: Photoshopped Celebrity Fakes

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Photoshopped Celebrity Fakes

  • No UA (underage) content of any kind. All headshots must be taken after the subject's 18th birthday. Violators will be immediately banned. If you are unsure if it is legal, DO NOT POST.
  • Celebrities only. No fakes of your neighbor. If Google Knowledge Graph hasn't heard of the person, neither has most people on this subreddit.
  • Original content is encouraged. Please label with [OC] if self-made. Posting the headshot information in the comments is heavily encouraged, especially with younger celebrities.
  • Post links directly to the image/gallery, not to your blog. Rehosting on imgur is encouraged. Please include the celebrity's full name in your title, and do not feature other subreddits in your title.
  • Allowed up to 3 posts per day of a single celebrity per user. This prevents rare cases where the front page becomes filled by a single user posting one celebrity. Mix it up, or make an album!
  • Use the monthly request thread to make requests, or in the comments section of OC posts. Do not submit text posts.
  • Contribute! Help make our community stronger by posting the best celebrity fakes that you find. List of Celebrity Faking Websites

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