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Cheese and Rice!

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The original point of this sub:

>I've got a bet on that says I can't get a subreddit to have 10K+ subscribers with no posts. I don't want to lose this bet, so please help. How many subs can we get?

Current target: 25,000 subscribers

How to help:

  1. Subscribe

  2. Every time you see someone mention /r/jesuschristreddit, post /r/cheeseandricereddit

We have a Discord server, please come and say hello to us!


First trending: 2017/3/5

10,000: 2017/3/15

25,000: ?

Looking for cheese and rice? Here's our official recipie by /u/8572103989:

>ok dude the first recipe is simple. a timeless classic taake uncle bens boil in a bag rice boil for ten minutes use 1/2 lb sarah lee cheddar cheese place over boiled rice while sttill hot after straining mix up real good so the cheese is liquid mix butter in for sweetness if you want serves 4. prep time- 2 mins cook time- 11 mins serve time- 2 mins otal time- 15 minutes

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