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Chinese History

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A community for those interested in the history of China and the various peoples of China. Discussion, discoveries and debates are all welcome.

Do you have a question about Chinese history? Feel free to post it here!

Also, please keep in mind that while any user is welcome to create flair here, the users with the yellow flair really know their stuff. If you've studied an area in depth and want yellow flair, send the mods a message!

PLEASE NOTE: If you try to directly submit a link and it does not appear right away, it is in the modqueue! A moderator will approve it asap, and then it will appear on /r/chinesehistory. So don't panic if the link you submit doesn't appear right away - it will!

And a shout-out to some fellow subreddits! Check out /r/chinabookclub for some interesting reading!

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