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/r/ChristianGirls: The Messiah is cumming.

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/r/ChristianGirls is dedicated to celebrating beautiful, God-fearing women who have been overcome by the seductive song of Satan and given into their inner desires.

While the name of the subreddit refers to girls of the Christian faith, ALL RELIGIONS ARE WELCOME HERE and the only criteria for content is that there is some sort of religious symbolism, clothing, tattoos or iconography.

Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Pagans... The Church of Reddit does not discriminate! In this Holy Place of Worship, people of ALL creeds are welcome!

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  • Thou shalt not post any suggestive or sexual content featuring minors. (Seriously, Hell will be the least of your worries.)

  • Thou shalt only post images that are NSFW, so sayeth the Lord. This is not the place to post church pictures, it's the place to post pictures that would get you banned from the Church.

  • If thou wishes to share a video, it must be done in the comments of the post, not as a post itself. Posts that are not RES-previewable will be removed henceforth.

  • Thou shalt not be a dick, especially in regards to self-posters. We are fortunate to have ladies that post pictures of themselves here and we want to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to encourage repeat visits.

If someone violates one of these four commandments, please message us immediately right here.

Are you a Lady Redditor who has recently lost her way and is now fighting an inner battle with Satan?

Then come, let The Church of Reddit help you find the light once again. Please feel free to submit nude pictures of yourself, along with accompanying religious iconography, and let the Lord know what he is missing.

Public nudity is the quickest path to redemption and the saving of one's soul. Only through the sharing of nakedness do we find purity.

The following image hosts are allowed as submissions:

  • Gfycat (gif/video up to 15sec & 300mb)

  • imgur (quality varies by account type)

  • webmup (URL MUST end w/ "vid.webm")

  • Direct tumblr links (not links to tumblr pages)

  • images hosted at: OR

(20MB images & 100MB gifs)

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