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No Subreddit is Without Sin.

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  • This place is not a direct line to Chris and Jeremy. Yes, they do use reddit (/u/cinemasins) but are not here for you to yell at them. Please be kind and respectful to all users, including them, so they will keep using reddit.

  • The most recent CinemaSins video will be posted by a bot. However, if the post has not been made 30 minutes after the video has been released, you are welcome to post it.

  • Brand Sins, Music Video Sins, and CSJ videos are all fair game to be posted by anyone.

  • In the weekly request post you can request any movie, music video, or brand. There is no requirement for example sins, however you may only do one movie/music video/brand per comment. You may make more than one comment.

  • If you would like to make a request as an individual post, you must include 5 example sins in the body of your post

  • Posts that are not requests or links must promote meaningful discussions.

  • Comments may not be spam, personal attacks, hateful, or obvious attempts at trolling. For a better idea on what's expected, check the reddiquette.

  • No torrent links or other piracy links.

  • Do not include spoilers in your post title.

Failure to follow the rules will result in appropriate action, which may vary based on severity.

General Information

  • You can message us mods at any time. Yes, we are volunteers, but we like this community. There is always one of us on at any time and we can help you out.

  • If you make a contribution of great quality or importance, we may grant you with the elusive blue flair!

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