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Because r/MyLittlePony must remain pure

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For your pony related rule34 and fanfics.

Rules FAQs

No Large Folders

If you are submitting 100+ images, then it makes it hard to moderate!

Split it up and post it over time!


If you're making a request, please see here first. Or risk having your thread removed.

For animations, Derpibooru and e621 cover the community's needs!

No humanized Foals

Characters must be 18+ Only!

No posting of for-pay content

An exception exists if you have been given permission by the creator of the content.

Be nice!

More rules are on the Rules page!


Tagging posts

If you know the name of the artist, please tag them in the name of the post as (artist:#####) or (author:#####). (However, untagged posts are okay!)

Community Links

For chatting:

For RPing:


Use this! for pony icons in every subreddit.

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