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Welcome to Reddit's coffee community.

We're equal parts a passionate horde of amiable amateurs and the back room lounge of the coffee industry. To us, the world of coffee is more complex than just a tasty caffeinated beverage to get you going. This is a place to talk about the farms, the beans, the baristas, the roasters, the industry, the brewing gear & techniques. It's a place to ask questions about how to make your daily cup just a little bit better. Its a place to learn, share, and make new friends. Welcome to /r/coffee!

Rules. Please read these.

Our manifesto
Our general rules
Our "self-promotion" rules

These lay out our our expectations for participants, but also the values and rationales behind them. In short, be nice, respect this community and its members, don't try to sell or promote stuff, and be aware comments and submissions are both curated content within this space.

Fun Stuff

We also offer /r/cafe as our more casual & fun sister community. If /r/coffee is dry and stodgy and pretentious, /r/cafe is our break from that.

...Just in case you're more into pictures of etched or free-pour latte art or that oh-so-beautiful, monstrous Slayer espresso machine pouring a luscious shot through a bottomless portafilter. Or maybe you heard a great coffee joke, bought an awesome new coffee mug or found a mysterious can of crazy looking foreign coffee in your grandfather's basement.

For non-informative or non-depthy-discussion "coffee culture" posts, please check out /r/cafe. It's our fun place.

Links, Questions and Wiki

For more guides, gear, reading, news and links visit our Wiki Page!

We run weekly special threads, listed below. Detailed descriptions.

Day | Thread | -----------|------------| Sunday | Weekly Deals | Monday | Battlestations | Monday | Inside Scoop | Wednesday | Wild Card | Friday | Weekly Brew | Friday | Noob Questions |

Other coffee communities on reddit.

Here is a giant Coffee Map

created & curated by /r/coffee community - & it's maintenance thread.

Post Tags

Please include tags based on your posts content prior to the Title, e.g. "[Gear][Video] How to install the PID mod on a Rancilio Silvia" - We know they can be kind of ugly but the are helpful we swear. The following tags should cover just about everything but feel free to make your own if one of the following doesn't work.

> [Gear] - For equipment related posts. Mods, purchasing, new products, storage containers, etc. - no photo only posts

> [Question] - For questions about anything coffee related.

> [Technique] - Brew technique / espresso technique.

> [How To] - For instructions or guides.

> [Beans] or [Roaster] - Posts about a specific coffee varietal, coffee roaster or origin.

> [Photo] - Does your post include a photo?

> [Video] - Does your post include a video?

> [News] - News about the coffee industry.

> [History] - Got some fun facts or details coffees history?

> [Deals] - Please include cost, shipping and the website in the title. Must be a well known company.

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