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Colorization - The colorization of old black & white photos

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About Us

/r/Colorization is a subreddit that is dedicated to sharing black and white photos that you have colorized. Be they old or recent images. We offer information and experience on how to colorize these photos.

Check out the tutorials here in the sidebar

Looking for help with your colorizations? In your subject titles, use [CCW] to let people know that constructive criticism is welcome or [WIP] if you want to share your works in progress and seek help on where to progress!

Requests can be made in /r/ColorizationRequests

Community Rules:

  1. Advertising or Self Promotion are not allowed: This subreddit is not a marketplace.
  2. Downvoting is not Welcome: Colorists of all skill levels are welcome to post their work here and will improve with the help and support of the whole community.
  3. Limits of Posting: The Limit for the number of images per user will be 2 Images per day with at least 4+ hours between each post.
  4. Treat others with respect: Name-calling, personal attacks,trolling or otherwise harassing another poster may result in a ban without warning. Criticism is welcome in this sub as long as it is constructive feedback and not intended to insult or degrade.
  5. Image only sites: Image links should take the user to the image only. An example is this website - Imgur

This subreddit is a community to offer & receive help, to encourage each other, to improve our skills and to enjoy each others colorizations. We are all Artists.

Watermark your submissions to avoid your work being posted elsewhere without your consent

Colorization tutorials using Photoshop

Colorization using GIMP


Try Dynamic color to get more realistic colorizations

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