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Combat Footage

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About Us

This forum is for a look into footage of historical and ongoing wars and for discussion of the topics that surround it. Please share your insight and educated opinion in the comment section.

We ask that you be civil and honest.

No glamorizing war.

Search for Combat Footage by Country or Conflict

Submission Rules

  • 1) Hateful, rude, or otherwise offensive comments are not allowed and will be removed.
  • 1a) Do not mock the phrase "Allahu Akhbar" or make fun of any religious or cultural preferences/practices.

  • 1b) Overly sarcastic retorts and immature joke/pun threads that contribute nothing to discussion are not allowed.

  • 2) Anything submitted in a link post must contain actual footage of war. Documentaries are welcome as are photos & audio of combat.

  • 3) Submission titles must be as objective and descriptive as possible (e.g 'who, what, where, when') - The more information the better

  • 4) In Link Posts Do Not Submit Footage Of: Assassinations, executions, aftermath footage, controlled detonations, violent protests, police action, w/commercials edited in, north american drug wars or of military parades.

  • 4a) Music in combat footage is ONLY allowed when the group/person who filmed it added it themselves.

  • 5) Please use tags. (e.g., [WWII], [Vietnam] unless already in title)

  • 6) Anything that is not combat footage as specified in the rules must go into a text post (i.e., Requests, questions, IAMA's)

    Some content may be disturbing to some viewers, it is recommended sensitive viewers read through comment section first to get a description of the material.

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