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Commercial Audio, Video, and Control

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Rules....So I guess we need these now.

  1. Keep it civil. We are professionals, adults, and scholars in a great but small industry.

For those of us that are interested in commercial audio, video, and control technologies in all sectors. This means government, corporate, education, or other. Geared toward installation, design, and product discussion in the integration fields. Whether its the latest and greatest Crestron touchpanel or a new Grommes Precision Amplifier, we want to know about it. Feel free to discuss installation, design, or any other aspect of commercial AV. Ask questions and learn.

This is a subreddit for fun. Live, laugh, and learn. Feel free to post funny installations mistakes, in good humor, but dont get carried away about one company over another, installation or product wise. There are a ton of integration companies and manufacturers out there, just trying to make a living. Some good and some bad, try to keep it civilized. Enjoy yourselves and remember, if you name a specific project you worked on, it could get traced back to you, so use common sense!

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