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Commercials with a slight twist.

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> - This sub is to post edits of commercials that make them comical and different than the original commercial intended. > - Have a brilliant edit idea but no way to make it happen?

> Submit it to /r/CommercialCutRequests >


> PLEASE post the original video in the comments. > The majority of the video MUST be the original commercial/audio > Choose a title that doesn't ruin the editing surprise. > Both sound and video editing are allowed. > Link directly to the video so it's RES compatible > Submissions must come from an aired/tv commercial. > No complete parodies/dubs. Just the commercial with a simple edit. > Keep comments civilized and do not be rude. > NSFL Content must include "NSFL" somewhere in the title and be marked NSFW. Excessively shocking content may be removed at moderator discretion. > Posts/comments that break the rules will be removed. > Gifs are allowed but RES sources (such as youtube) are best. > No shows/movies followed by a poorly timed commercial. An edit/dub must be made. > Reposts will be removed.


> - Google CommercialCut > - Wendy's CommercialCut > - Lunchables CommercialCut > - Swiffer CommercialCut > - Mikes Hard Lemonade. OC

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