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If you plan on hosting a tournament, please contact the moderator team for them to put your tournament in the sidebar

Upcoming PC Tournaments and Events:

Date|Time|Event |:-:|:-:|:-:| Weekly | See For Glory | Weekly For Glory 4v4 Tournaments (Click for Discord Invite Link)

Upcoming XBOX1 Tournaments and Events:

Date|Time|Event |:-:|:-:|:-:| Saturday, April 21 | 1pm EST | Xbox 2v2 $40 Prize

Upcoming PS4 Tournaments and Events:

Weekly | | ESL 4v4 Tournaments Saturday, April 21 | 1pm EST | For Honor Console 2v2 $40 prize Sunday, April 22, 2018 | 1pm EDT | 1v1 Trial By Combat #5 $10 Prize

Upcoming LAN Tournaments:


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Posting Guidelines:

Please read reddit's content policy and follow proper reddiquette.

  • There is a strict focus on improvement and competitive play. Keep discussions on topic and constructive.
  • No main shaming!
  • No tech shaming
  • Threads regarding balance and suggestions should have a high standard of quality. Regular balance threads should be taken to the official For Honor Suggestions & Feedback forum.
  • Simple question posts will be removed
  • Refer to the official For Honor support forums regarding technical issues and bugs unrelated to gameplay.
  • Tournament results are to be considered 'spoilers' and must be treated as such for 24 hours after the end of the respective tournament.
  • Threads regarding Story Mode and Faction War will be removed.
  • Follow the Guidelines to Self-Promotion aka 10% Rule.
  • No links to 3rd party game re-sellers. For example: G2A, Kinguin, CDkeys, etc.
  • No Reposting of older posts/topics just to bump them back up to the top without prior permission from the Mods.
  • Don't make separate LFG posts, use the weekly post instead. NIGHT MODE NORMAL

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