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Resource for Competitive World of Warcraft

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General Resources

Useful Discords

Class Discords are often the best place to find guides and info for your class.

Other WOW Subreddits

/r/wow is the main wow Subreddit, and maintains some excellent resources, including a list of other WOW subreddits.

Rules & Guidelines:

Our moderation will be subjective, and we plan to err on over-moderation rather than under-moderation, including temporary and permanent bans. It's not difficult to tell a quality discussion post from a question that Google can answer. The most general guideline that exists now is your post must contain quality content that generates discussion

Refrain from:

-Jokes or funny stories

-Comments or complaints directed at Blizzard

-Questions which have been asked before

-Basic questions that can be answered by looking at the relevant class guide or a quick Google search

-Guild/Team/Partner requests/advertisements

-Macro/UI questions (see /r/wowui)

-For more noob-friendly see /r/wownoob

-Questions or posts that involve breaking the WoW/Blizzard ToS (exploits, private servers etc.) will be removed and the person will receive a 7 day ban immediately.

Log submissions must follow sub-reddit allowed format and guidelines which can be found HERE. As that thread notes, posting for others and posting with little analysis is discouraged. If your "help with my logs" post violates these rules or can be covered using, it may be removed and a multi-day ban may be handed out.

Sharing Guides - Psychology, map strategy, metagame posts, detailed guides about UI set up, etc. will be appreciated if they are detailed and not purely self-advertisement.

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