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Competitive Overwatch

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/r/CompetitiveOverwatch is the place for in-depth discussions of competitive Overwatch™. Find detailed discussion of meta, esports & events as well as guides, advice, & tips that go beyond the basics.

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EVENTS by Liquipedia

OGN APEX Season 4

₩ 200,000,000 KRW Prize Pool

Ongoing - October 21st

APAC Premier 2017

¥ 1,560,000 CNY Prize Pool

October 19th - 29th


  • Focus on esports & competitive play
  • Keep posts constructive and on-topic
  • No poor/abusive behaviour
  • Stick to our 9-1 submission rule
  • No spoilers in post titles for 24 hours
  • No hackusations or witch-hunts
  • Follow Reddiquette when posting

  • Full rules in detail here.

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Find people to play with (r/OverwatchLFT)

Tournament VODs (r/Overwatched)

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