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ConanTravels (and other off-site Conan sketches)

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Expand video. Play video. Laugh.

This sub is dedicated to Conan O'Briens' "Conan Travels" segments. Other off-site sketches he does, without the Conan Travels moniker, are also encouraged. Text posts, for when you really need to discuss one or more of his bits, are also permitted.


For other kinds of Conan-centric posts, check out /r/Conan. For posts related to the late-night talk show world in general, check out /r/LateNightTalkShows and /r/talkshows. Also be sure to checkout and contribute to newcomer /r/ColbertRemotes!


Credit goes to jaxspider for the Conan O'Brien Snoo header image. Thanks!

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