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I have the weirdest boner... (/r/ConfusedBoners)

Check out /r/USAporn, /r/ThatPeelingFeeling and /r/ControversialIamA

If you say "sauce" instead of "source" and Sashimi catches you, you're banned for 1 day.

Did you see something that didn't exactly fit what you thought was a part of your sexuality? Do you think it will make others question theirs? Post it here!

Please no graphic rape or hate pictures. Consensual domination and things like that are good. Lets all try to keep this for our confused boners and not scare any boners away that have had bad experiences.

Try not to be too judgemental because all the boners here are confused. This is a place for confused vaginas as well. Maybe if we all work together our genitals will not be so confused anymore.

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