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Cosplay Boobs

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This is the a subreddit for the appreciation of cosplayers (and female nerds in general) and their boobs. A place for open-minded Adult Redditors and cosplayers to share, exchange and enjoy their cosplay and boobs related photos, gifs and videos. You can expose your own body and cosplays away from criticism. You can consider this a Gone Wild Cosplay subreddit.

What should you post here?

  • Videos, gifs or photos are welcome.

  • They can be your own photos or those you take to other people or find on the internet. Just tag it when it's yourself. Please always give credit to the source from where you found.

  • Nerdy pics with merchandasing or similar stuff can also be posted. There is no need of it to be only cosplay, you can also submit WIPs, or show your regular nerdy stuff and clothes along with boobs.

  • As cosplay is the main theme, you can also post cosplayer pics wearing no cosplay but showing off boobies if you correctly credit the cosplayer.

Some additional rules.

  • Try to use imgur, flickr or deviantart when possible.

  • Please, always mark Not Safe For Work images.

  • Identify the cosplayer when possible. They are the ones who should get credited for their own cosplays.

  • Do not claim to be the girl in the photo if you are not the girl.

  • Always be respectful to the cosplayers.

  • If you don't want your photos to appear here write the administrators.


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