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Cow Chop

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Welcome to the official Cow Chop subreddit!

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What is Cow Chop? ▾

  • Cow Chop is UberHaxorNova and ImmortalHD's Couch Co-op YouTube channel, where they primarily play video games, but also do excessively stupid things every once in a while.

  • Here's who's part of the team:

  • Cow Chop

    Member|Reddit Username :-:|:-: James (UberHaxorNova)|/u/Novamame Aleks (ImmortalHD)|/u/immortalhdyt Brett (Hundar)|/u/HungryHundar Asher|/u/Not_Asher Lindsey|/u/linzbot Jakob|/u/alsojakob Alec|/u/alec-paul


  1. Do not make personal attacks towards other users. Harassment, witch-hunting, or hate speech is not tolerated.

  2. All posts must be directly related to Cow Chop. If the primary focus of the post is not about Cow Chop or its members, it will be removed.

  3. Video screenshots, clips, gifs, discussion, etc. belong in the respective video thread.

    Any made from older videos or done with noticeable user edits (Ex.: Memes) will be allowed at the discretion of the moderators.

  4. No misleading or overly vague titles (Ex. "Question" or "James", etc.).

  5. Avoid complaining about other fans. Primarily the YouTube comments - enjoy the subreddit while you're here! Don't complain about the others :)

  6. Posts from social media must be a direct link to post in question. Feel free to link an Imgur mirror in the comments.

  7. Posts/questions pertaining to the any of the weekly threads or FAQ will be removed & directed to the respective area.

  8. Do not post or speculate based on any personal matters.

  9. The only Cow Chop videos from the Rooster Teeth site that are acceptable to post are FIRST exclusives. Any Cow Chop early access videos posted will be removed.

Note that all of the above is subject to moderator discretion and may be appealed by messaging us.


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