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>###About Nr | Rules ---|--- 1 | Don't be rude 2 | Don't spam or post non-related or non-helpful posts. 3 | Don't be racist/sexist. 4 | Any posts about Piracy is dying, over and ect. Will be receiving a three day ban 5 | Do not link any NSFW content 6 | Almost all companies will use Denuvo, with some exceptions. 7 | Under no circumstance, are you allowed to distribute or link any form of illegal software bypass "crack" here on this subreddit 8 | For archived posts go here 9 | If you want to submit a post it should include more than 10 words, your account must be 20 days of age and has to have comment karma of at least 5. Also all posts with -2 karma will be auto deleted to prevent spam. 10 | Breaking one of the above rules results in a warn (the first time) and a ban if you break them again. 11 | No asking when will X game get cracked 12 | If you can't wait for a game crack I recommend GOG | Humble Bundle | Steam |

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