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Welcome to Crack Watch, a piracy news subreddit dedicated to informing the public about the latest cracks and bypasses.

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Filter | Link ------|---- Filter out "humor" posts | here Filter out articles and news | here Filter out discussion posts | here Filter out NFOs and releases | here Filter out repacks | here Filter out old game repacks | here Filter out new game repacks | here Only display humor posts | here Only display articles and news | here Only display discussion posts | here Only display NFOs and releases | here Only display repacks | here Only display new repacks | here Only display old repacks | here Hide user flairs | here Disable filters | here --- Nr | Rules ---|--- 1 | Don't be rude, racist or sexist. 2 | Don't spam or post non-related or non-helpful posts. Begging posts/comments like "cpy plz crack F1 2050" or "I need crack for Dishonored 3" are also forbidden. Free games also do not belong in here, they belong on another subreddit such as /r/FreeGameFindings. 3 | Do not use link shorteners in your thread 4 | Any posts about Piracy is dying, etc. Will receive a three day ban. 5 | Do not link any NSFW content. This is an SFW board. If you post NSFW content, you will be banned and notified to the Reddit administrators. 6 | Under no circumstance, are you allowed to distribute, request or link any form of illegal software bypass "crack" here on this subreddit. Domain names are allowed as long as it doesn't link directly to illegal content. 7 | If you want to submit a post it should include more than 10 words, your account must be >1 day of age and has to have comment karma of at least 5. 8 | Breaking any rule, depending on its severity, will result in warnings and/or temporary bans. Repeat offenders will get banned permanently. 9| No asking if or when X game will be cracked, e.g. Do you guys know if Mafia 4 uses Denuvo and if it will be bypassed like FIFA 98 for PlayStation 2. 10| Due to Reddit's formatting,* .nfo's should be screenshotted instead of copy-pasted when making a new thread/comment. Use this Text to Image NFO converter by AyrA_ch. 11| All questions are to be kept in a weekly question thread made by the AutoModerator. If you need help with cracks, visit r/CrackSupport. 12| Please don't make threads that speculate. Fake reports without solid proof (example CPY giving away hint without an actual NFO file or JC3 cracked but on a shady site like "cpygames") are punishable by a five-day ban. If the game is cracked provide an NFO file. 13|AAA releases published by a AAA publisher are allowed to be posted separately from the daily release thread. Exceptions include releases from CPY, STEAMPUNKS, NFO's that contain scene news (example: Mafia 3 DLC fight), updates that removed Denuvo and highly popular and mediatized indie games (Bastion, Stardew Valley, Undertale etc.). All other games, including normal updates and DLC's are moved to daily summary thread. 14|Articles are allowed under some conditions. The article cannot be from unknown, spammy, and/or small websites. The articles cannot provide misinformation or unsolicited rumors. Articles cannot repeat commonly known information. NOTE: Fully and solely opinion oriented articles, that report no new facts, will be removed. Examples of articles that will be removed are: "X game confirmed cracked," "Denuvo is killing PC gaming," "X game cracked in record time," and or just a recap of known Denuvo games being cracked like "The latest iteration of Denuvo is cracked." 15|The repack rule: An old game would be classified as any game that was released/cracked 10+ days ago. Repackers may post old releases but only 1 thread per day (per repacker). Newer games that are repacked have limit to 3 repacks per day (per repacker). Old games with new updates or DLCs are still classified as old games. Exceptions are Denuvo games that have been recracked. ---


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