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A place for Ents in Ireland

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Welcome to Crainn! A place where you can discuss anything related to cannabis culture in Ireland. Not just cannabis but other drugs too (within reason).

This subreddit is considered the /r/trees of Ireland, hence the name Crainn which is Gaeilge/Irish for "trees". You do not have to be Irish to have a voice here! If you are a tourist, a student, a guru of cannabis, a hard worker of any profession, or just curious, you are welcome here!

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Cannabis News Discussion

Other Drugs

Music Tourism Darknet

No ~~Other Drugs~~


No sourcing and no selling.

(Zero Tolerance)

> This is the one and only rule we have! This rule is imposed so Crainn is within reddits policy and also for your own protection. What you do in your own time and outside this sub is your business.

  • "Sourcing" is the act of requesting contacts so you can purchase an illegal substance in terms of Irish Law.
  • "Selling" is the act of distributing an illegal substance in terms of Irish Law.

Principles & Etiquette:

  • No doxxing. (Mods discretion)

> Do not post personal information or identifying information about yourself or other users. This includes: addresses, exact locations, full names, date of births, facebook/twitter links. There's no problem with general locations, gender, age, your profession, what you study, etc.

  • No assholes. (Zero Tolerance)

> We do not encourage negative behavior and it goes without question. Show exceptional politeness to all who venture here, and remember to spread the karma. Be sound as a pound that you found on the ground. There are no stupid questions or stupid people, we all live in equal unity here.

Other Drugs:

If you have enthusiasm for a particular drug that isn't cannabis please visit that subreddit. If you have questions or queries about a particular drug we welcome it here. We have many experienced Ents of many backgrounds who can provide some guidance.


If you're making a trip to Ireland hit us up for tips and tricks. We do not provide hookups. Thread carefully asking questions about how to get "sorted". Refer to our rules. If you are unsure message the mods.


If your post doesn't appear on Crainn it may have been caught by the spam filter. Please message the mods and we will resolve the issue.

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Know Your Rights in Ireland

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