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Create super hobos? Elaborate. Invisible spiders? Why not? There are no wrong ideas!


  1. Don't be a dick

  2. Submit original, interesting ideas. Sense, rationality, possibility and ethics are for sissies.

  3. If the entire purpose of the idea is the setup for a pun, it doesn't belong here.

    3.1. As a rule of thumb, if your idea ends in "call it ___", it's probably a bad idea.

    3.2. If an idea stands on its own as an interesting, crazy idea without the pun, submit it. Add the pun in the comments or maybe in the description if you really want to.

  4. Posts shouldn't be for the sole purpose of complaining about a certain thing rather than add an alternative.

    4.1. Examples are "vote for Donald Trump" or "shut down Fox News". It's not a crazy idea, it's just being a dick.

    4.2. This goes for everything of the sort. No political bias here (we hope).

  5. Awesome ideas are just as welcome here as well. Anything is possible, anything you think about can work in your imagination. So don't comment saying "this belongs in /r/AwesomeIdeas!", we love you and accept you.

  6. Please keep the circle jerk politics post to a minimum.

  7. Some ideas are definitely more common than others. Use the search bar to see if it's been done before.

    7.1. "Hold a special Olympics where everyone takes drugs!"

    7.2. "Put all prisoners/politicians in an arena and make them fight to the death!"

    7.3. Literally anything to do with April Fools Day. If it involves April 1st, chances are you can remove the April 1st bit and it'd be just as valid.

    7.4. "For just one day, swap these two subreddits!"

  8. Tag NSFW posts as NSFW.

}>/r/CrazyIdeas condemns the moderators of r\bitcoin for working to break the functionality of btc, forcing early adopters and people who want to use bitcoin to upgrade to Bitcoin Cash<{

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