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Creatures_of_earth: Making learning fun!

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Welcome to the Creatures_of_earth community!

In this community anybody can share interesting facts and information on the bizarre beings inhabiting our planet. Feel free to talk about any creature from lizards, fish, microorganisms, or even plants! Living or extinct, as long as they existed on earth at some point. Just try to make it as interesting and informative as possible!

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1) Absolutely NO harassment of any kind is permitted.

2) No witch-hunting.

3) Giving and receiving criticism is part of life- make sure to be respectful of others' opinions.

4) Reposting is limited. See content guidelines for more details.

5) Please don't post questions directly, rather ask them in the comments or send a message to a moderator if necessary, we're here to help.

6) Feel free to request posts on certain creatures. Requests should be entitled [REQUEST] (or using the request flair) and name of creature. There will usually be a request thread each month, if you prefer to wait for that.

7) Read through the content guidelines before submitting a new post.

8) Have fun!

Content Guidelines

All posts must contain at least one picture of a creature along with informative text about it. Example of high quality post. Gifs and videos are allowed in addition to the minimum requirements.

Posts must be related to creatures. This does not mean specifically animals, but anything that is/was alive on our planet. This includes plants and microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc). Strictly no fictional/fantasy creatures.

A post does not have to focus on a single species, but can focus around a certain group or type of creature if you want to include multiple species.

All creature posts must be informative in some way. It is allowed (and encouraged!) to include some humor, but the main content of the post should be informative.

An album may only be reposted to the sub 8 months after it was originally posted. The repost must also link to the original thread and be flaired appropriately. If you are posting someone else's work, you must credit them in the comments. We encourage you to rework or update old information if it is necessary.

Remember to flair your post as NSFW if it contains excessive gore or sexual/disturbing images.

We reserve the right to remove any posts that we find lazy, uninformative or in violation of these guidelines. You can message the mods if you feel any content removal is unfair or unjustified.

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