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Terry Crews' Crew

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Our Mission

Rallied around Terry Crews' efforts, this is a subreddit intended to spread the word about and to support victims of Sexual Assault or Harassment.
We've assembled here to bring to attention to the issue of Sexual Harassment, Assault, and other sex-related crimes, regardless of age, gender, race, or wealth.

It is OK to ask for help <3

Subreddit Rules:

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1. Be cool

2. Don't be not cool

3. No flaming

4. Be supportive

5. Stay on topic

  • Off-topic or irrelevant information will be removed.

6. Don't spread inaccurate information

  • Only make assertions if you have direct knowledge of them or if you have reputable sources backing your claims. If you are discussing a personal experience you do not need to and are not expected to provide a source.

We also expect you will follow site wide Reddit rules and guidelines.


Some content is better suited for other subreddits. We encourage the users to express what they want and do not want posted in this sub via their vote and report abilities. Please use this power wisely.

Post titles should be accurate and avoid speculation. Claims not yet proven in court are ALLEGED and post titles should reflect that.

r/CrewsCrew encourages the posting of images, memes, videos, articles, and other forms of content relevant to the discussion of Sexual Assault and/or Harassment from any perspective.
We also welcome and encourage anyone and everyone to share their own personal stories about Sexual Assault and/or Harassment.

More Information

For more detailed information, please review the r/CrewsCrew Wiki.

No clickbait titles, advice animals or other low-effort image or text posts. Mods may remove these at their discretion and users are encouraged to report them.

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