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>###Upcoming International Calendar

>[International Fixtures] ( via Cricinfo.

> Check out the Wiki for a comprehensive list updated and maintained by redditors.


>New to the game? Check out the links on the FAQ page.

>Live streams wiki

>Match threads: How to request a thread via the bot. Threads for non-bot matches (or when the bot breaks) can be created by starting a self post with "Match Thread:" Post match and post series threads can be created by starting a self post with "Post Match Thread:" or "Post Series Thread:"

>Sledge threads: These can be created by starting a self post with "[Sledge Thread]". These are posted every saturday by automoderator too. Normal sub rules apply.

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>Please read the wiki for a more detailed explanation.

>1. [No Unacceptable Behaviour.] ( No abuse/attacks/harassment of other redditors and no generalised attacks/whinging about other fanbases. No irrelevant politics or religion. No homophobia, racism, sexism, or trolling. No posting personal information or creating accounts to impersonate/troll/harass other users.

>2. [No spam.] ( We use this and this as a guideline.

>3. [No duplicates/reposts/editorialised titles.] ( Check the new tab - recent reposts will be removed. Don't significantly change the title of articles.

>4. [No URL shorteners.] ( Use direct links only.

>5. [Submissions and comments must be in English.] ( Or must include a translation.

>6. [No Hate/Flamebait threads.] ( No posts or comments designed to promote arguments or drama, no brigading of other subs, no deliberately tagging usernames to be annoying.

>7. [No memes, low effort posts or comments.] ( These will be removed at moderator discretion, examples are listed in the wiki. This includes posts/comments directed at the mods.

>The Mods' interpretations of the above laws is final.

>Blatant racism or trolling WILL result in a permanent ban without warning.

>###Current Roll of Champions

>Top Ranked Sides:

>Tests - India

>ODIs - India

>T20Is - Pakistan

>Women's Cricket - England

>Reigning Champions:

>ODI World Cup - Australia

>World T20 - West Indies

>ICC Champions Trophy - Pakistan

>Women's ODI World Cup - England

>Women's World T20 - West Indies

>ICC Women's Championship - Australia

>U-19 ODI World Cup - India

>ICC Intercontinental Cup (first class) - Afghanistan

>World Cricket League (ODIs) - Ireland

>Asia Cup (T20Is/ODIs) - India


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