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Crime Scene

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This sub is ALWAYS NSFW, so if you are offended easily then turn away now

This sub is a friendly community of people who are interested in reading about crimes/murders/suicides etc. and most things regarding death! All posts should have valid information and should all be true. Zero toleration for dark humour puns, this isn't the place.


  1. All image AND text posts must have a back story or a small brief description detailing the history of the image etc.

  2. ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying, name calling, racism, sexism, threatening and abusive language towards mods and/or posters, bad jokes regarding the crime(s). If you see someone breaking this rule, please report the user so we can deal with the situation.

  3. All posts must be accurate. No fiction posts, If someone asks for a valid source link you must provide one or you will be warned.

  4. Do not downvote someone for having a different opinion to you, but if you enjoy a post then please give it an upvote.

  5. Do not criticise posts in a negative manner, if you don't like a certain post then please scroll past it! We do however accept constructive feedback and if you have any issues feel free to PM one of the mods, we won't allow nasty comments criticising any posters.

  6. Please check for reposts before submitting. (SO IMPORTANT) If you feel like a post from another subreddit is fit in r/CrimeScene feel free to xpost it (Must follow the rules of this subreddit)

  7. If it doesn't relate to the content we post, don't post it. For example; a singular picture of a corpse, lots of gore. We value ourselves on having information not just gore pictures. This rule is very important.

  8. BEFORE REPORTING A POST: Check the rules and make sure it actually violates them, otherwise It's a waste of time! We've had many people report posts they don't like, and the report comes to me personally (/u/JediBaggins), who will ignore it.

  9. No nudity images of any male or female under the age of 18. Your post will be removed and you will be given a temp ban. (This is for legal purposes)

  10. NO animal pictures what-so-ever.

  11. Use the tag system as needed, all posts must be correctly tagged.

  12. We don't allow links to YouTube or news websites. (example; CNN, BBC, Wikipedia, murderpedia)

Failure to meet these rules will result in a warning followed by a permanent ban.





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