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Cross Stitch

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>>>FAQ & How To<<<

πŸ—“ Monthly Events

A lot is happening, stitchers! Here's a summary of what to look out for each month.

Week 1

🎊 Feature Designer

πŸ† Monthly Competition: Last Month's Winners Announced, Submissions For This Month

🎁 Free Pattern: Stitch-a-Long part released

Week 3

πŸ† Monthly Competition: Voting

🎁 Free Pattern: Stitch-a-Long part released


  1. Be supportive! Exercise good reddiquette.
  2. Read the FAQ & How To before posting a question. This resource has everything, including pattern making programs, apps & websites.
  3. Do not request or share copyrighted patterns.
  4. Properly include pattern’s source as a parent comment of your [FO] posts. If you made it yourself, that counts as a pattern source. Do not link to Pinterest or Google only state the website.
  5. Embroidery pieces are limited to one [FO] post. You may share blackwork, hardanger, candlewicking or other styled pieces one time as an [FO]. It is up to mod discretion whether your piece is similar enough to cross stitch. See this post for details.
  6. Do not link directly to your blog/shop These links are fine when used to share the source of a [FO], [WIP] and free [PATTERN]. Use the 90-10 rule as a guide.

Tags for posting:

Only one tag per post.

[FO] finished object - see rule 4
[WIP] work in progress
[PATTERN] free ready to download patterns
[CHAT] question, discussion, pattern request or giveaway, general self-post with no photo
[PIC] non-project specific photo, haul, meme
[VIDEO] flosstube, tutorial, time-lapse
[REVIEW] kit/pattern/product/seller - Template

πŸ† Monthly Competition πŸ†

May: Flowers

Submit Here!

Submit by 5/20 @ 11:59pm EDT

🎁 Monthly Free Pattern 🎁

πŸ“£ Stitch-a-Long πŸ“£: Reddit Sweet Reddit

January: Houseplant Alphabets

December: Snow Much Fun

November: Fall Leaves

October: Pumpkin Shop

September: Key, Rose, Knife Bookmarks

August: [I Am a Huge Fan of Space] (

July: [Cow Appreciation] (

June: [Adopt a Shelter Cat Month] (

May: The Last Jedi - Rey's Hand

πŸ› Continuous Craft Fair πŸ›

Checkout the Shops

Are you a designer? Apply to the CCF

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