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Cross view images, or side-by-side stereoscopy, is a cool way of seeing 3D pictures without needing technologically advanced screens or special glasses.

How To View: Simply cross your eyes halfway between the pictures until both images overlap one another (3 images total), holding your view on the central image, and with a little patience, the image should 'push' into focus and you'll know it when you see it!

3D Tutorial (Blog)

YouTube Tutorial

"Spot the difference."

View using the Reddit Enhancement Suite to faster and with less strain.

For YouTube videos: find the red 3D option, Select "No Glasses" and then select the "Cross Eyed" option underneath that. For a more detailed How To:


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Make Your Own:

How to Make on computer/with standalone camera:

For digital/drawn crossviews, Read this Infographic.

Or follow this video tutorial for real life images. StereoPhoto Maker is a great piece of software for combining pictures. Here is a basic tutorial of the useful features.

Or, pictures can be combined with Photoshop

How to convert video pans into a crossview gif

Mobile Apps:

3D Steroid - Android, Apple

Cymera - Android

3D Camera - Android, Apple

Side by Side - Apple

Other Subreddits:




WARNING: If you have any known problems with your eye muscles, it is recommend that you do not attempt this technique. If you experience any light-headedness, headaches or other symptoms, STOP IMMEDIATELY and rest your eyes. Everyone will likely experience some slight eye fatigue when learning this technique, so it is very important to rest your eyes regularly, and only look at 3D images for short periods of time. Even once you have perfected the technique, do not over-exert your eyes. You have been warned.

Remember to mark ALL NSFW sites as such, and report any and all abusive posts or comments.

If things look "reversed" (Pseudo-stereo), try

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