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Destiny's Crucible

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Crucible. Discuss. Questions? Mail the mods  

> ### Read the FAQ and search first > Read our Frequently Asked Questions. Low-effort, duplicate questions will be removed and redirected there. > > Search first. If your post is a duplicate of a recent post, it will be removed.

> ### Make high-content contributions > Start a conversation. > > Even if you are just asking a question, you should be prepared to write at least two paragraphs. Give us something worth talking about!

> ### No rants, suggestions, or speculation > We play the game we have. > > You don't have to be positive, you don't have to like it. But complaining? Pointless. Boring. > > It's overpowered/broken! Learn to counter it. > > It's weak! Don't use it. > > It's hard! Learn to play

> ###No gun basics or roll posts > In-depth, high-content guides about specific guns, perks, and techniques are ok. > > Detailed, specific questions are fine as well. > > But "is my roll good?" Go play with it and decide for yourself.

> ###No LFG or meta-LFG > This includes sherpas, clan recruitment, and "how do I find a Trials/sweaty/fireteam group?" > > The real trick is to cultivate friends. Send a request to everyone in the Crucible who plays better than you. Never play solo. DO THE WORK, there's no LFG site that can make friends for you. > > League posts must be approved first! Please message the mods for approval!

> ###No clips, montages or raw gameplay > > Video guides must have narration and a detailed description. > > Write at least two full paragraphs! We should be able to discuss your video without watching it. > > All other videos go in the stickies below.

> ###Don't be a jerk > Three strikes and you're out. > > All levels welcome. No smack talk or pissing contests. Feel free to argue, but don't be rude if you disagree. The game is the game, play it and talk about it in a constructive manner.

> ###Scrim rule posts require evidence > > The best ideas often fall flat in practice. > > Rule proposals must include video evidence: > > 3 or more matches with the proposed ruleset,
> with accompanying written analysis

> ###Banned: Matchmaking, loot, monitors, lag, controllers > Discussed to death. > > Everything already got said the first hundred times we had these threads. > > Do a search.

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