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Geometric Puzzles, AKA: Cubers

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For people who love any sort of geometric puzzles, including but not limited to: Rubik's Cubes (and any size/design variants), the Square 1, the Pyraminx, et al.

Think your cube is unsolvable? Want to know which cube is right for you? Want to brag about an accomplishment? Any other sort of posts like these? Post them in the Daily Discussion thread!


  1. Any posts that don't spark significant discussion e.g. simple questions, PB posts, etc belong in the Daily Discussion thread. They will be removed otherwise. Mods will be very strict about this rule.

  2. Flaming and hateful comments will be removed. Ad hominem criticism, such as “You’re only sub30, what do you know about x?” will not be tolerated either. Answering a question with "just google it" is also not an acceptable response.

  3. Titles need to be relevant to your post in a meaningful way. It must directly relate to the content of your post. If someone can’t figure out the topic of your thread from the title, it will be removed.

  4. Self promotion (youtube videos, etc) is allowed once per week.

  5. No biased promotion of one cube shop over another. Discussion about store specific products is fine. All Cube Store Sales and Promotions belong this thread

  6. Private cube sales and trades aren't allowed, go to /r/cubetrades for that.

  7. Contest entries (e.g. ones that are hosted by other websites, "share this page to win", etc) are prohibited.

  8. This is not the place to contact cube shops for customer support, please use private messages instead.

  9. No affiliate links. Only link to websites etc directly.

  10. Follow the sitewide rules, and abide by reddiquette

PM any of the mods if you need some mod-ly duties performed.

The Cube Store Promotion Live Thread - find new cubes, sales, and giveaways here!

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