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Cuckold & Hotwife Community

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This community is a source of discussion & pornography regarding the cuckold and hotwife lifestyles and fetishes. People are encouraged to share their experiences, stories, pictures, videos, tips, and ask for (or give) advice.

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  1. Your posts must allow participation by the entire community. /r/Cuckold is not a place to solicit private conversations.

  2. No solicitation posts from solo males. Violators will be immediately, permanently banned.

  3. No shots of one person, except in Looking For Bull or Verification Image posts.

  4. Posts must plausibly indicate cuckolding in the content, regardless of the post's title.

  5. No cuckold captions. Visit /r/cuckoldcaptions instead.

  6. No identification posts. Visit /r/tipofmypenis instead to identify the source or subjects of a specific video or other media.

  7. Uncivil or poor quality content will be removed.

  8. Couples creating Looking For Bull posts should include their location and ages in the title. If you're just looking to chat, use our Discord server instead.

  9. No promotions or advertisements.

  10. Comments and submissions which break the site-wide content policy will also be removed.


Post a picture the wife/girlfriend (preferably with her bull or significant other) holding a piece of paper with:

  1. Your username

  2. The date

  3. The subreddit (/r/Cuckold)

You'll then receive a Verified flair. This is a big boost to couples looking for a bull.

Flair Filters

Tag (Click One!) | Description :--|:-- Article | Published informational writing Audio | Sound files, e.g. podcasts or pornographic recordings Amateur Image | Amateur (typically pornographic) pictures, including text screenshots. Amateur Video | Videos of amateurs. Blog | Amateur informational writing Discussion | Community discussions, e.g. advice, surveys, and debates. Event | Stories from verified users. GIF | Media in the gif/gifv format. Looking For Bull | Couples soliciting services from a bull. Meta | Discussion specifically about the state of /r/cuckold. Pro Image | Professional (typically pornographic) pictures Pro Video | Professional (typically pornographic) videos Request | Looking for media (e.g. videos) that span a broad category. Story | Intentional fiction and stories from unverified users. Verification Image | Posts verifying that a couple is associated with the given username.

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