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MSP the #1 Cycle City. I would like this to be a social gathering place where like minded can connect like a "Meet-Up" with out all the fees associated with other sites.

Anything related to bicycling in Minneapolis/St Paul. Please no haters. Post Rides, Links to Events, etc... Send me a message here if you want something posted in the "Upcoming meetups" area, or if you just feel like having a riding partner. Beer often happens after rides if people are feeling social, location determined after the ride.

Winter is coming I made a sister site to keep active and in shape during the winter Outdoor Activities in the Twin Cities

> Meetup buttons in the header - see next line for sample > Text that appears in button > the URL can be either a full path or the five character shortcode > more than three buttons across is bad on mobile browsers

  1. Upcoming meetups
  2. 4/24 Surly Sunday Social Ride #3

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