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\/r/cynicalbrit is an unofficial community dedicated to the discussion of TotalBiscuit's content and other things involving Totalbiscuit.

Official TotalBiscuit Subreddit: /r/CynicalBritOfficial/

Please make sure to read and understand the rules before posting. Breaking the rules will result in removal of your post and possibly a ban.

FAQ Library



^Read ^more ^about ^the ^rules ^here.

0) Moderators have the discretion to take action outside of these rules and may do so if they feel they need to do so. This is mainly to prevent rules-lawyering, loopholes, or otherwise acting in bad faith.

1) Follow the Rules of Reddit and Reddiquette.

2) Post in the relevant thread - don't make a new one just to post your comment. Duplicate threads will be removed in favor of the first one or the one with more constructive discussion.

3) TotalBiscuit does not take requests so please do not make them. This includes (but is not limited to): suggestions for content, "wouldn't it be great if?" posts, and complaints such as "TB played Game X, he should have played Game Y."

4) All submissions should be related to TotalBiscuit. This place was created to discuss Cynical Brit content and nothing else. If it isn't from TB, doesn't involve TB himself, or doesn't heavily mention/feature TB (or any of his pets), it should not be submitted as a link or text post.

5) Please try to discuss things civilly and refrain from excessive personal insults. Basically, don't be an ass.

~~6)~~ ~~All questions for TB should be directed to~~ ~~N/A~~. ~~All other questions or posts trying to find a video should be posted in /r/CynicalBritQuestions.~~

7) Submissions & comments made by accounts less than 7 days old will be automatically removed.

8) All links must use the "np." prefix. Links without the np. prefix will be removed.

9) Social media drama or witchhunts may not be submitted here unless TB elects to comment on them.

10) This subreddit is not a place for complaining about TotalBiscuit's official communities. Complaints about being banned from Twitch chat, blocked on Twitter, or similar things will be removed.


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