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Doki Doki Literature Club!

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>###ANNOUNCEMENT >Posts about Logan Paul will get you banned. No exceptions.

>Share your literature > >Write a new poem > >Ask a general question

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Doki Doki Literature Club is a free visual novel developed by Team Salvato. Join the Literature Club and chat to and enjoy fun activities with all of its members!

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  1. Game discussion:

    a. Keep discussion related to DDLC and Team Salvato projects. The post must relate beyond the title.

    b. For general questions about the game, please post in the megathread instead of making a new thread.

    c. Common posts will be removed. Please see this page for a list. Low-quality posts may be removed at the moderators' discretion.

    d. Do not submit more than five posts per 24 hours.

  2. When posting spoilers, tag them with spoiler tags. Do not put spoilers in titles.

  3. Fanart:

    a. Link to the source page (if possible) or give sources for all fanart. No more than two non-original content fanart posts per 24 hours.

    b. Do not claim credit for others' work. Edits, traces, or artwork bearing a high resemblance to a reference image must have the original(s) clearly identified. Do not flair posts of these as "OC Fanart."

  4. Do not post pirated content or content that violates the IP Guidelines.

  5. NSFW content must be tagged. No posts of a sexually explicit nature or pornographic intent.

  6. Do not repost recently posted or common content. Specifically, any post within the last three months or within the top 200 posts of all time is considered recent or common.

  7. Contact the moderators if you wish to connect your community—do not make a post advertising it.

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>Please read the rules before submitting, and direct general questions about the game to the megathread. Also, after submitting your post, please flair it.

>NOTE: Logan Paul jokes will get you banned. >OK

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