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DIY_eJuice Etiquette
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  2. Use the search function before posting.
  3. No "hand-checks", "DIY Vape mail", "review my order", "what can I make with these flavors", or link-only posts - period.
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  8. Read the sidebar. Again.
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Posts which will be deleted:

~~1. Hand-checks, Vape mail, Review my order, "What can I make with these flavors". 2. Juice solicitations 3. Clone/Recipe Requests 4. Low effort "help" requests 5. Link-posts 6. Shout-out and call-out posts~~ CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW BY THE MODERATORS, deletion will be decided case-by-case.

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> ##Nicotine is a Poison!

>Nicotine is an extremely toxic substance. Its extraction, storage and use in e-liquid pose a significant risk to the user and anyone who might come into contact with it.

>^Warning ^Source: ^ECF

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