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DIY Fail

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  • Be mature!

  • Try to post a picture of what your fail is "supposed" to look like along with your original picture.

  • Redneck DIY posts not allowed. This is a place for actual attempts to make something nice, but got severely screwed up along the way.

  • Tell us what happened! It only has to be a sentence or two

  • When you post be sure to include how you made it in the image album or comments

  • No cartoons/Memes

  • Please for the love of God use original content. While it may not be required 90% of the time it will be removed.

  • No food fails unless it is truly a fail on your end. (Not a grab for karma)

  • No art fails. We don't want any potato Jesus.

  • Please feel free to share ideas on how to improve crappy DIYs that you see submitted.

  • All links (either in a text post or direct link) must link directly to the image.

  • No advertising (duh).

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